About Bowls

Bowls is a sport to be enjoyed by all and the basics can be learned in a very short space of time.  Mastering the sport takes time but it is true

to say that with each game you do get better and learn more.  Many people who take up the sport of bowls are able to play in matches

after only 3 or 4 games.  The object of the game is to play your woods (bowls) as close to the jack (a small white or yellow ball) as possible,

the winning wood or woods are those which are judged to be the closest to the jack.  You could be playing one on one or in teams from two

players per team through to triples and fours.  The more of you in a team the fewer the number of woods you are playing with and this is

where the captains have to adjudge which players to play in which position so as to make the most of the skills available.  It is hugely enjoyable to

take part in competitions and the best way in which to perfect your game.

Many young people now play Bowls at County, National and International level, there is huge support from the governing bodies of both outdoor

and indoor bowling via the English Bowls Youth Development Scheme (similar schemes exist in Scotland and Wales).  Whilst not yet given Olympic Sport status, bowls is a Commonwealth Games sport and, in 2010, Natalie Melmore of Torquay became the youngest woman in the

sport to win a Gold Medal, being just 21 at the time.  So Bowls is far from a sport for the "older" player and we would welcome any young

person who would like to have a go at this enjoyable and competitive sport.  Better still join with a friend and show your other friends how much

fun the sport can be. 

Bowls too is an all year sport.  Our outdoor season runs from April through to September but indoor bowling either short mat or long mat is

played all year round.  We also have a short mat club that plays in the Yelverton Memorial Hall from September through to April and many members also take part in long mat matches at the new Life Centre in Plymouth. 

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